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    Ster Szczecin

    Ster Gallery was opened in October 1999. The total area of the gallery is 35000 m2 GLA, which holds the Bi1 hypermarket and 55 shops and service points. Car park can hold 1050 cars. The building is very functional and simple so that customers feel ease and comfortable. The center was refreshed in March 2014. Gallery was completely renovated inside and new facade of the building was built. There was also Patio created in front of the Gallery where events take place. Cushman & Wakefield (DTZ Legacy) manages STER from February 2015. Since that time, the total net turnover of tenants has increased by 18.23%. New leases have been successfully agreed for many tenants for over 1 800 sq m and at the moment the occupancy rate is 96%. Aside from property management Cushman and Wakefield also provides marketing strategy and leasing services for Ster Gallery. Read More...


    Inter IKEA Centre Polska - Cushman & Wakefield acted as an operational management consultant and an exclusive retail letting agent Read More...


Eliza Bingul

Associate Director

Warsaw, Poland

Phone +48 228202128

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