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How does Santa deliver presents? Christmas logistics

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At this time of the year, almost everyone - regardless of age - looks forward to presents from Santa Claus. Every year, on the night of 24-25 December, Santa delivers packages to countless people in various corners of the world. It is a huge logistical challenge to which few of us pay attention. It would be impossible to deliver presents to every home in such a short time were it not for elves. Global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield highlights the logistics of this special day in its Christmas infographics How Santa delivers presents.

An amazing team of organized helpers helps to bring the pre-Christmas fever under control. Having undergone rigorous training under the tutelage of Santa Claus, elves are masters at production, warehousing, transport and analytics. Santa’s helpers make sure that presents are those requested in letters sent to Santa and that they are delivered under a Christmas tree of the right person. Reindeer, including Rudolph the lead reindeer, trot vigorously so that packages with gifts from the Elf Factory travel between Lapland and homes of good children.

I appointed elves to manage this enormous supply chain. I’m sure that all my helpers will excel in their jobs, just like every year, and that all good children will get the presents they dream of. I do my best to keep abreast of high-tech developments and regularly watch SantaTube and Elf News Channel to see solutions that help improve delivery of presents. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who every year contribute to the success of this complicated logistical operation: elves, reindeer and all the helpers of Santa in the world,” said Santa Claus.

Christmas and the run-up to Christmas are a special time. Every year Santa’s manufacturing and logistical sectors do their best to deliver presents on time and as requested. In our report ‘How Santa delivers presents’ we highlight the key stages of the process and take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas,” said Ryszard Gwódź, Industrial Technical Manager, Industrial and Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield.