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A new dimension of information on the Polish industrial market and the first in Poland Special Economic Zones calculator

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Cushman & Wakefield unveils a new graphic layout of its search engine 

Warsaw, 8 May 2019 –, a leading warehouse and logistics search engine developed by Cushman & Wakefield in Poland, has been given a fresh makeover. In addition to a new graphic layout and smart navigation, it will feature a Special Economic Zone Calculator, the first in Poland.

The new version of was designed to incorporate the “Responsive Web Design (RWD)” technology, meaning it can be accessed on any electronic device, irrespective of the screen size and resolution, with easy access to key functions and sections. Website navigation has become faster and more efficient thanks to data and content optimisation. “These changes aim to meet the growing expectations of users who look for greater convenience in search for key information such as warehouse availability, location or direct contact with an agent. The new website also features a clear UX design and was developed by a creative agency Minteractive,says Mateusz Brzeziński, Marketing Manager, Industrial Agency, Cushman & Wakefield, responsible for the website development.

Smart navigation
The website was divided into five user-friendly modules: Properties, News, SEZ Calculator, Contact and Find Your Property. The Properties section went through the most radical transformation process. When you click it, you are taken to an interactive map of Poland showing warehouse locations. Next, once you have selected the location and scheme you like, you will see a detailed description of a warehouse and photos, including the most up-to-date regional information such as vacancy rates, base rents and stock under construction. 

Given the importance of a suitable project location on the industrial market, the revamped website also features current macroregional data including population, unemployment, the number of students, average remuneration and a detailed description of a region. But there is more: thanks to a new functionality added, i.e. the buttons MOTORWAY, AIRPORT, CENTRE, PORT and INTERMODAL TERMINAL, the user finds out the distance to each location and the optimum route to each of these key locations to facilitate the decision-making process. In addition, to ensure a better user experience, all the properties have been divided into three types: WAREHOUSES FOR LEASE, BUILDINGS FOR SALE and DEVELOPMENT LANDS. 

Calculator of state aid in Special Economic Zones
The new website also offers a Special Economic Zone Calculator, an innovative and user-friendly tool fully developed by experts of Cushman & Wakefield. Once three variables have been provided (Type of investor, Project location and Qualified costs), the user will gain access to basic data about a location, i.e. the unemployment rate according to the Central Statistical Office, the minimum qualified costs in a poviat and the maximum level of regional investment support. An enquiry will also be sent to a designated Special Economic Zone expert. 

“The calculator provides easy access to information on the amount and availability of state aid relying on the database of provisions on the Polish Investment Zone for a specific project and location. This tool will help users identify the location offering the highest level of state aid for a planned project,” comments Michał Sikora, Land, Technical and Special Economic Zone Consultant, Industrial and Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield. is an information hub, not only for experts is also a source of the latest information on the Polish industrial market with three sections: News, Advice and Reports, presenting valuable content and insight to tenants and everyone with an interest in the warehouse market. The website will also feature a glossary of key industry terms. 

“We wanted our new to be user-friendly and offer functionalities to assist tenants in their search for ideal warehouse spaces. However, the new website is not an ordinary warehouse search engine, this tool is a compilation of expert information on the industrial market providing users with answers to all questions they are concerned with. The SEZ Calculator is our proprietary project and one of key components of our website as it significantly facilitates the search for the best location for a planned project,” adds Mateusz Brzeziński.