Debt, Equity and Structured Finance

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The Debt, Equity and Structured Finance team as part of Capital Markets provides property-, portfolio- and entity-level financing products, structured finance and structured leases advisory, as well as debt management services for corporates, investors and entrepreneurs for all assets classes including office, multifamily, retail, lodging and leisure, healthcare and senior housing facilities, industrial and land.

We create and execute solutions to maximize value, minimize costs and optimize financial implications associated with real estate transactions in order to improve company performance.

Our experience in both the debt and equity markets allows us access to a diverse array of global capital sources. This together with our expertise in underwriting and executing complex, as well as structured transactions, offers our clients a proven record of maximizing value and transaction terms, fine-tuned to reflect current market conditions and emerging trends and forecasts. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the lending market and lending procedures, we are able to provide you with efficient underwriting process and we are able to react immediately in the most efficient way.  

Our Services


We can help you in preparation of debt strategies and finding the best suitable form of financing for a specific project. We are responsible for the entire process from preparation of information materials through tender process untill closing. We support the borrower in negotiation of commercial and non-commercial terms with lenders including basic loan parameters, hedging conditions, reporting obligations, and event of defaults. Thanks to day to day contact with the banking sector, we are able to negotiate the best conditions offered on the market.


We can help you identify and negotiate with the most suitable equity investors for a new acquisition, new development project or recapitalization of an existing asset. Suitability is based on investment philosophy, risk/reward profile, size of investment, hold period, preferred leverage level, etc.

Structured Finance

We can help you explore all options to develop the most innovative financing and control strategies available to free up capital and achieve the maximum value of each client’s real estate asset or portfolio.

Among others we can help you in arranging mezzanine financing, suitable for development projects, by managing the entire underwriting process and we can help you in reporting required by mezzanine partner.

We can also manage the bridge financing process by seeking proper partners and overseeing the entire process.

Our team members have extensive experience in banking and financial leasing and can provide you with assistance on arranging tax efficient structures like operating lease, financial lease, financial sale and lease back, predevelopment followed by lease, land lease structures, etc.

We can advise our Clients on corporate bond preparation issuance process, enabling potential investors better understanding of the product and real estate business.

We can also work on other non-standard debt structures, which enable investors maximising their financial performance.

Loan sales

We can advise both banks and investors on the sale or purchase of commercial loans and loan portfolios, including performing and non-performing loans.

Debt management

We, as an external team of advisors, can help investors in efficient capital and debt management through maximizing income, minimizing investment risk, and reducing overhead expenses. Our services relate to management of construction loan, bridge financing, long term loans, as well as structured debt instruments for different assets.

We can help you in fulfilment of your requirements towards equity or debt providers by monitoring performance of specific assets, preparation of periodical reports, advise on value increase, which enables the investor focusing on core business without engaging internal staff.

How Can We Help?

Level of expertise

Our years in the industry, multi-disciplined depth of expertise, and proven track record, result in more and better options for our clients.

Agency service

Our global service network enables us to develop solutions that enhance value and maximize appeal to domestic and international capital sources and target key financing, equity and sale partners for our clients.

Adding Value – the Advantages of Our Approach

Range of options – customized approach possibilities

Our understanding of the entire capital, from equity and preferred equity to permanent, bridge, mezzanine and construction loans, means the ability to customize options and strategies to optimize proceeds on the most attractive terms.

Global network

Creative financial solutions do not occur in a bubble – we draw on a vast global network of experts insuring exceptional local and international knowledge and reach.

Custom-tailored approach

Our team is fully focused on your needs as a client and partner in the achievement of your business objectives. We design and analyse carefully crafted alternative transaction structures to maximize specific objectives, evaluating and comparing the options based upon each client’s unique factors and situation, including financial and credit strength.

Local and overall real estate and capital markets expertise

By offering equity advice and debt management, we partner with in house brokerage, valuation, and asset service professionals in order to provide a comprehensive knowledge of local and national market conditions, and deliver best-in-class real estate and capital markets services.

Experience and Resources

With offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, our capital markets professionals are connected to leverage market knowledge and investment expertise, enabling our clients to achieve their goals and optimize outcomes. 

Our team is your team and your needs and objectives are always front-of-mind in our execution of your assignment. 

Absolute discretion, unsurpassed market knowledge, and a proven record of delivering results are just some of the reasons why clients have been working with us for over 100 years as we have completed some of the largest and/or most complicated transactions across the globe year after year, in changing markets and economic conditions.